OY-DLU Torlak Viking


Reg. Name c/n Total hours With SAS
OY-DLU Torlak Viking



01.08.1948 - 08.02.1949


One of the five Vickers Vikings ordered by Det Danske Luftfartsselskab (DDL) on 17 June, 1946. Purchaed for £39.400. First flight 25 July 1947.


Delivered to DDL as OY-DLU on 31 July  1947 at Wisley, and flown to Copenhagen on the same day. Named Torlak Viking. Entered service on 31 August 1947 on the Copenhagen-Paris route as DD 1751. Flown back to Vickers, Wisley on 10 November 1947 for technical modifications.


Transferred to SAS 1 August 1948, and re-painted in SAS-colors.


While operating flight a charter flight from Madrid, via Paris Le Bourget to Copenhagen on the evening of 8 February, 1949 the aircraft crashed in the sea 18 km north-east of Copenhagen airport in severe weather conditions. All four crew-members and 23 passengers were killed. The aircraft was located on 23 meters depth 2,5 km west of Barsebäck harbour on the Swedish coast one month after the accident. An attempt to salvage the wreck failed, and only the engines and propellers (which had been detatched) were recovered. More details can be found under the Viking Accidents headline.





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*never entered SAS service


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