OY-DLO Tormund Viking


Reg. Name c/n Total hours With SAS
OY-DLO Tormund Viking


2 344

01.08.1948 - 25.08.1949


One of the five Vickers Vikings ordered by Det Danske Luftfartsselskab (DDL) on 17 June, 1946. Purchaed for £39.400. First flight 15 July 1947.


Delivered to DDL as OY-DLO 24 July1947, and flown to Copenhagen the same day. Named Tormund Viking and painted as such. Operated first revenue flight on 13 Ausgust , on the Copenhagen-Paris route as DD 1751. Returned to Vickers at Wisley for technical modifications on 13 October 1947, and returned 11 November 1947.


OY-DLO surouned by ground staff at Zürich Airport. Photo: via Odd Arnestad


Transferred to SAS 1 August 1948. Operated last revenue flight on 18 April 1949 on the Zürich-Copenhagen route as SK 602. Withdrawn from service and stored at Copenhagen after 2 344 flying hours.


Sold to Misrair (now EgyptAir) in an agreement signed 26 July 1949 for £20.000. Flown to Cairo via Zürich and delivered to Misrair 26 August 1949. Registered as SU-AGM. Named Amenhetop and operated on international flights from Egypt.


Sold to Protea Airlines as ZS-DPA in 1961. On 27 May 1961, ZS-DPA arrived at London-Gatwick, and was flown to Hurn the same day. It remainded idle at Hurn until 21 July 1962, when it was flown back to Gatwick. Aprarently sold to Eros Airlines and broken up for spares at Gatwick. Last seen at Gatwick 17 September 1962.




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