OY-DLA Alf/Tor Viking


Reg. Name c/n Total hours With SAS
OY-DLA Alf/Tor Viking


2 642

01.08.1948 - 12.10.1949


One of the five Vickers Vikings ordered by Det Danske Luftfartsselskab (DDL) on 17 June, 1946. Purchaed for £39.400. First flight 30 January 1947.


Delivered to DDL as OY-DLA 7 March 1947, and flown to Copenhagen 9 March 1947. Named Alf Viking and painted as such, but later re-named Tor Viking. Operated firth revnue flight on 20 April 1947, on the Copenhagen-London route as DD 1750. Returned to Vickers at Wisley for technical modifications on 3 October 1947, and returned 29 October 1947.


OY-DLA in DDL-colors taking off. Photo: via Odd Arnestad


Transferred to SAS 1 August 1948. Operated the last Vickers Viking revenue flight in SAS on 19 April 1949 on the Aalborg-Copenhagen route as SK 211. Withdrawn from service and stored at Copenhagen after 2 642 flying hours.


Sold to Misrair (now EgyptAir) in an agreement signed 26 July 1949 for £20.000. Flown to Cairo via Zürich and delivered to Misrair 12 October 1949. Registered as SU-AGO. Named Amoun and operated on international flights from Egypt. Damaged in a landing-accident at Luxor 05.08.1954. Withdrawn from use and scrapped.


Former OY-DLA in Misrair colors as SU-AGO. Photo: unknown



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