Vickers Viking in SAS


While every SAS-aircraft carries a Viking-name, only one aircraft type was actually called the Viking. SAS inherited four British-buildt Vickers V.628 Viking I from Det Danske Luftfartsselskab (DDL). DDL ordered five aircraft from Vickers Armstrong in 1947, but one was lost in an accident before the DDL-fleet was incorporated into that of SAS.


On these pages, the history of the Vickers Viking in SAS service is presented, including the individual history of each of the five aircraft.


Althought the Vickers Viking might be the onlye "real" viking in the SAS-fleet, it is one of the less known types in SAS history.








Vickers Viking Fleet


OY-DLA Alf/Tor Viking

OY-DLE Torleif Viking

OY-DLI Torulf Viking*

OY-DLO Tormund Viking

OY-DLU Torlak Viking







*never entered SAS-service




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