SAS Vickers Viking fleet


Of the five Vickers Vikings ordered by DDL, ony four aircraft ended up in the SAS-fleet, with OY-DLI having crashed before it was planned to enter the SAS-fleet on August 1, 1948. The history of all five aircraft are, however, presented here. Click on the aircraft registration to see the complete aircraft history.


Reg Name c/n With SAS Fate
OY-DLA Alf/Tor Viking


01.08.1948 - 12.10.1949 Scrapped
OY-DLE Torleif Viking


01.08.1948 - Crashed 1958
OY-DLI Torulf Viking


never in SAS-service Crashed 1947
OY-DLO Tormund Viking


01.08.1948 - Scrapped 1962
OY-DLU Torlak Viking


01.08.1948 - 08.02.1949 Crashed 1949



DDL Vikings OY-DLA and OY-DLO at Copenhagen together with DC-3 OY-DDI



Vickers Viking Fleet


OY-DLA Alf/Tor Viking

OY-DLE Torleif Viking

OY-DLI Torulf Viking*

OY-DLO Tormund Viking

OY-DLU Torlak Viking










*never entered SAS service


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