Vickers Viking accidents & incidents

The Vickers Viking has a less than stellar safety-record in SAS. Of the five Vickers Vikings delivered to DDL, two were lost in accidents - the first before entering SAS-service in 1947, and the second one while flying for SAS in 1949 (and another crashed after leaving SAS).


Before it was supposed to have been delivered to SAS, OY-DLI Torulf Viking crashed during landing at Copenhagen Airport on 29 December 1947. The aircraft was en-route from Paris Le Bourget, and crash-landed in shallow water just short of the runway at Copenhagen. None of the four crew or 20 passengers where killed, but the aircraft was written off.


Vickers Viking OY-DLI in shallow waters (Photo: C. H. Kamhaug Collection)


The only accident occuring to a Vickers Viking while in SAS-service happened on 8 March 1949, when OY-DLU Torlak Viking crashed in the same area as sister-ship OY-DLI two years earlier.



Also a third SAS Viking was written off, but this happened nine years after it left SAS. The former OY-DLE was written off at Menzalah lake, Egypt on 7. March 1958 while in service with Misrair (now EgyptAir) as SU-AGN. On a flight from Athens to Cairo, the aircraft was forced to divert to Port Said because of bad weather. On approach to Port Said Airport, the aircraft came down in Lake Menzalah. All four crew-members and four of the 22 passengers on-board were killed and the aircraft damaged beyond repair.









Vickers Viking Fleet


OY-DLA Alf/Tor Viking

OY-DLE Torleif Viking

OY-DLI Torulf Viking*

OY-DLO Tormund Viking

OY-DLU Torlak Viking






French DDL poster (1948)




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